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174 Shooting Beauty will be the centerpiece for a series of events organized by the Human Relations Council of Yellow Springs, OH to raise awareness of intellectual and physical disabilities.  The film will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic of inclusion. Screenings will take place at the Little Art Theatre on Dec. 7. Click here for more info!  Free and open to the public.


161 Shooting Beauty was launched as an official 'ACT' to all U.S. chapters of Best Buddies International 171 and has already become one of it's "most engaging acts because of it's ability to bring understanding, awareness and acceptance to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities."  In becoming an official ACT, Best Buddies encourages it's chapters to use Shooting Beauty as a tool to further their mission.169
      "Shooting Beauty is a must see for everyone. This film leads the audience on a journey that begins with viewing people in wheelchairs to seeing photographers who laugh and cry with friends, live independently, fall in and out of love while perfecting their passion for showing their world through the lens of a camera."
~ Anthony Shriver, Founder and Chairman, Best Buddies International


160 Shooting Beauty screens at Loyola University on Tuesday, Nov.12, 2013, 8:00pm in the Damen Student Center as part of disAbility Awareness Week 2013.  For more information on the event, click here.  Screening is open to the public.  We hope you all enjoy the film!


149 Tony and Courtney spent the morning at St.Sebastian's School as part of the school's Unity Day celebration.154 They received a standing ovation from the 400+ students and staff after the Shooting Beauty screening and Q&A. Courtney's live intro to the film was televised throughout the classrooms (a first for us!). Thanks to the incredible staff and student leaders at St. Sebastian's for making our event such a success!158 159


148 Courtney travelled to Langhorne, Pennsylvania to conduct a two day workshop with a whole new crew of photographers at Woods, an amazing organization that supports and services more than 1,100 people with special needs and challenges. Congratulations to all the new Shooting Beauty photographers!145  

April 24, 2013

142 A free screening of Shooting Beauty will be held at UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA at 8:30 pm in Mahar Auditorium as part of Disability Awareness Week. This week is being hosted by Pi Kappa Phi's philanthropy, Push America, a nonprofit charity dedicated to serving people with disabilities. George Kachadorian, director of Shooting Beauty, will be Skyped in after the screening for a Q&A! Visit Pi Kappa Phi's Facebook page for more information on the event.


136 Shooting Beauty in collaboration with the Best Buddies chapter of the CAB Calloway School of the Arts was the focus of a day long event aimed at raising awareness around language & disability and promoting a culture of respect.  After seeing Shooting Beauty at the Best Buddies National Leadership Conference, Christine Allen, student and president of Best Buddies at CAB Calloway worked with Erin S135 ullivan, teacher and founder of the chapter, to bring Courtney and Shooting Beauty to their school.  Courtney visited classes and presented the film which received a standing ovation from the 850 students and staff.  It was a honor to be part of this event.  Thank you CAB Calloway!


139 Shooting Beauty received a generous grant from the Fledgling Fund to support three, day long launch events for the Shooting Beauty Girl Scouts Patch Program.  The overarching goal of the patch program is to use the film, Shooting Beauty, and the Shooting Beauty Patch Program book which was co-created by Courtney Bent, Bethany Stark and Andrea LaVant, Inclusion Specialist for the Girl Scouts Council of the Nation’s Capital, to empower girls to embrace their individuality 140 which we believe is an essential component for becoming stronger leaders as well stronger advocates for a more inclusive society.  The day long events included a screening of Shooting Beauty, activities that challanged girls' concepts of beauty as well as booths from local orgainzations that serve individuals with disabilities.  To date over 1,000 Girl Scouts have earned their Shooting Beauty Patch and we can't wait to see how many more do!!


133 Courtney travelled to Houston to be part of the ReelAbilities Houston Film Festival and to conduct a Shooting Beauty Workshop at the Celebration Company, an organization that provides individuals with disability an entry into the workplace.  Shooting Beauty and the photographs from the workshop were featured closing night of the festival at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Courtney and her nine photographers were followed for the day by a writer and photographer from the Houston Chronicle.  Congratulations to all our new Shooting Beauty photographers!

February 28, 2013 - March 21, 2013

FEBRUARY 28TH AT 6PM       Watertown Public Library (open to the public)
                                                        123 Main St  Watertown, MA 02472
                                                        (617) 972-6431

MARCH 6TH AT 8:30 AM       Cab Calloway School of the Arts
                                                        1502 Spruce Avenue
                                                        Wilmington DE 19805

MARCH 7TH AT 7 PM             Lock Haven University Greenburg Auditorium
                                                        Lock Haven, PA

MARCH 18TH AT 7P               San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
                                                        1010 Broad Street
                                                        San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

MARCH 21ST at 7 PM             Wingate University, Wingate, NC
                                                        Recital Hall of the Batte Center