Host a Film Screening of Shooting Beauty

Join the many schools, universities, community theaters, organizations & individuals that have hosted a Shooting Beauty screening event! You can bring the film, filmmakers, exhibit and even subjects from the film to your community. Scroll through our Get Involved section to see what enhanced screening opportunities are available or contact us at:

The Shooting Beauty Fund

Everyone deserves a shot. That's what we believe. Join us as we work to raise money for the Shooting Beauty Fund that helps bring accessible camera systems and the Shooting Beauty Photography Workshop to organizations that serve individuals with disabilities through out the United States.  Make a donation through our store or contact us directly for ideas on how you can host your own Shooting Beauty fundraiser.  Your contributions will go towards helping individuals with disabilities develop their own personal voices through photography.  See below for a more detailed description of our photography workshop.

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The Shooting Beauty Photography Workshop

Due to a strong interest by various organizations and individuals to duplicate the photography program featured in Shooting Beauty, Courtney Bent has created the Shooting Beauty Photography Workshops.

The Workshop: In conjunction with the screening of the film, producer and project founder, Courtney Bent, will conduct a one day to one-week photography workshop for individuals with disabilities at your organization or program. The workshop will consist of an introduction to digital photography with the intent of establishing a self-sustainable workshop, program or photo club at your facility.  The one-week workshop includes a more intensive study of photography and an enhanced staff training program.

During the workshop, Courtney will:

  • Create and adapt cameras systems to each individuals needs
  • Work one-on-one with each photographer to help develop a personal voice and vision
  • Train staff in adapting cameras and teaching photography
  • Teach the basics of digital photography to all levels of photographers
  • Create and provide a custom workshop handbook for use by photographers & staff
  • Help design a sustainable program that fits the schedule and needs of current and new photographers
  • Teach staff and participants skills in critiquing and editing their own work 
  • Create an exhibition/slideshow at the end of the week, celebrating the accomplishments of workshop photographers
  • Provide your photographers with a sense of accomplishment resulting in personal confidence and empowerment

"Courtney’s belief in the ability of our clients to take excellent photographs that revealed their interests and personalities was the key that allowed their success. Courtney’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude permeated the campus and lifted our spirits and elevated the possibilities for everyone."– Don Shumway, President & CEO, Crotched Mountain Foundation

See the video created about our workshop at Crotched Mountain.

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The Shooting Beauty Girl Scouts Patch Program

78 Welcome Girl Scouts and Troop Leaders!! We're excited to announce the arrival of the NEW, hot off the presses, Shooting Beauty Patch Program! The program consists of a series of activities to be conducted before and after the viewing of the award winning documentary film, Shooting Beauty. These activities will encourage girls to redefine society’s vision of “beauty” and engage with the community, specifically the disability community, with a renewed perspective on the commonalities within us all.

In order to achieve the Shooting Beauty Patch, girls will need to watch the film and complete activities that foster inclusion and embrace viewing beauty from various perspectives. Examples of activities include:

  • Link up with an individual with a disability and adapt a camera to his/hers abilities.
  • Plan a group or community screening of Shooting Beauty.
  • Create a short film or visual diary of what ‘beauty’ means
  • Become a ‘buddy’ with an individual with a disability through the Best Buddies program.

Bonus! Not only do you earn the Shooting Beauty Patch upon completion of the patch program, you also earn part of the Media Journey as well as the Including ALL Girls Patch! How cool is that! Everything for the Shooting Beauty Patch Program including film, program booklet, and patches are available here.

See what girls are saying about Shooting Beauty...

From Girl Scouts @ the 2011 Keys to Leadership National Girl Scouts Conference on Inclusion:

"This video showed me that societal norms are all wrong. [People] always base beauty on what they see right away, but they’re wrong. These people [in the video] are the truly beautiful people because of who they are!"

"I will NEVER look at beauty the same way again!"

To learn a bit more about the Shooting Beauty and Girl Scouts partnership, click here.

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Start Your Own Project!

All it takes a little initiative, passion, and basic foundation in photography to start your own project. See information about our ‘How To Guide’ if you want to dive in and do it yourself!!

Below are a few links to organizations that would be worth researching and connecting with if you’re interested in starting your own project. Contact your local chapters to find out what volunteer opportunities are available in your own area.

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