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The Shooting Beauty School Program (Grades 6-12)

Mission: Shooting Beauty empowers students to embrace and celebrate their differences, inspiring personal confidence in their ability to lead and interact with others.

The Shooting Beauty 'Re-defining Beauty' School Program is an assembly based program that consists of a:

  • School-wide assembly with screening of the documentary film, Shooting Beauty.
  • Live/ interactive Q&A session following film with filmmakers either in person or via Skype.
  • Pre and post screening activities created by Courtney Bent and youth specialist, Andraea LaVant, before and after viewing of the film. These activities are designed to help guide students towards their own understanding of disability and accepting those that are different.
  • Shooting Beauty curriculum which includes follow-up activities and question guide for use in classrooms before and after event.

Objectives & Desired Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Examine and challenge stereotypes that prevent inclusive interactions
  • Engage in discussions on topics related to diversity, disability, body image and bullying and in a school wide conversation about a redefinition of beauty
  • Gain a shared vocabulary that can be incorporated into a school wide behavior system (e.i, “Everyone deserves a shot”)
  • Learn how art and media, specifically film and photography, can be used individually and collectively to create positive social change
  • Be equipped with the knowledge on how to interact positively with others that are different
  • Learn to use art as an expressive tool
  • Leave with expanded perspective on importance of community involvement and activism.
  • Gain a broader and more empathetic understanding of disability

  • "Providing opportunities for youth to learn about and embrace their differences are essential components of youth development and leadership. Shooting Beauty provides just this opportunity. This film is a powerful experience for everyone involved and should be incorporated into every school system throughout the United States."– Andraea LaVant, Youth Development Specialist

"Shooting Beauty is doing far more for my kids than I even hoped for. We are falling in love with the characters! Classrooms full of seventh grade boys are glued to the screen, getting to know the characters instead of laughing like you might expect. This is SO COOL!"– Preston Dronberger, Teacher, Oklahoma City, OK

“Courtney delivered a most compelling talk to Exeter’s entire student body and infused teaching, energy and compassion when working with our students on our photo project.  Her sensitive and skillful guidance resulted in a wonderful and incredible(!) display of photos that made us all proud and made us all smile.    What many gifts she has!”            -Tom Hassan, Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about our time with Courtney. As the credits rolled the students jumped to their feet and gave a standing ovation. I've had dozens of teachers and students, including our assistant dean told me it was the best program they've ever seen at our school. So many people approached us that day to share how much they loved the film. So many people told me that the film made them cry. Students told me it changed their lives.  The response was unbelievable and so positive." - Erin Sullivan, Teacher & Faculty Advisor Best Buddies, CAB Calloway, Delaware

"Shooting Beauty was a perfect addition to an ongoing conversation that our school has been having about equality, relationships, and the core elements of being human. Students can't help but be moved!"– Ben Klompus, Principal, Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School

"Shooting Beauty teaches kids how to accept people who are different than them. Its content is significant, its message convincing. It is an educational tool I will use in my classroom for years to come." - Jon Vogel, Teacher, Oregon City, OR

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The Shooting Beauty College Lecture Series

Host a screening of Shooting Beauty and bring the filmmakers to your college or University in person or via Skype!

Mission: To encourage discussions around issues and topics such as: inclusion, bullying, special education, ethics in journalism, art as therapy, portrayal of beauty in media and in society, body image, tolerance and diversity, stereotypes of disability, film, photography, and community action.

Filmmakers will be available to:

  • Introduce the film, providing a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Shooting Beauty project.
  • Conduct a post screening Q&A for all audiences.
  • Be part of panel discussions pre or post screening around topics addressed by the film.
  • Visit and lecture in classes.

Subject Areas: General Education, Special Education, Media Studies, Art, Art Therapy, Medicine, Psychology, Diversity Training, Disability Awareness, Human Rights

"Community members at Westminster College were deeply moved by the ways 'Shooting Beauty' helped us think about abilities, identities, and building relationships. In addition to the impact of the film, students and faculty were inspired and energized by Courtney's visit to our campus. As the organizer of this event, I was 110% satisfied by the helpfulness, flexibility, and professionalism I experienced working with the Shooting Beauty Team!"– Scott Gust, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication & Gender Studies, Westminster College

"Thank you to the Shooting Beauty Team for your bringing forth a powerful verbal and pictorial image of how we together make it through this world - whether we verbalize or not, whether we walk or not, whatever our color or background or capabilities - we are people, and we can thrive. Thank you for sharing this powerful film with the Colgate community."– Merrill Miller, M.D.
Director, Student Health Services, Colgate University

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Shooting Beauty Scholarships

Help bring the Shooting Beauty School Program to a school in your own community. Help students become more aware and engaged on issues of diversity, disability, body image and bullying from the lessons taught in Shooting Beauty and its companion curriculum. If you know of a school that could benefit from this program or if you would like to sponsor a specific school, please contact the Shooting Beauty team directly at

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