Shooting Beauty: Community Outreach Ideas to Benefit People with Disabilities



A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs have the power to tell a story and enable a glimpse of the world from another person’s perspective. Now, more than ever, a photograph can be an instrument of communication that overcomes all boundaries.

This especially holds true for people with disabilities who have a hard time expressing themselves or are unable to fully communicate their thoughts to others. We can harness the power of photography to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in communicating using images. Through community outreach programs and diversity workshops, people with disabilities can express themselves and share with us a new perspective in the beauty of life.

Our community outreach ideas aim to nurture confidence and develop communication in people with disabilities. What started as a project for an award-winning documentary film, Shooting Beauty, is now a nationwide community outreach program that aims to find grants for people with disabilities. The 100 Cameras Project is the newest project by the Shooting Beauty team. The project is based on the photography program started by Courtney Bent and chronicled in the documentary film, Shooting Beauty.

The 100 Cameras Project

Courtney will put cameras in the hands of 100 individuals with development and intellectual disabilities throughout the United States. There is an overwhelming interest for the photography workshop seen in the film to continue, but resources are limited. With your help, we can make our community outreach program a success and break down communication barriers on a national scope.

We encourage everyone to support our disability grants that will help cover the cost for each photographer so that they can participate in our photography workshops. By sponsoring grants for children with disabilities, you are giving participants a life-changing experience that will also help shed light on disability, diversity, and tolerance.

The funds generated from the disability grants will not only go toward the cost of the project, but will also be used to provide supplies for people with disabilities who are joining our workshops. Each and every participant will be equipped with cameras and adaptive equipment that will be customized to suit specific disabilities. Together, we can discover the changes that a camera, a voice, and a chance can bring about.

Everyone deserves a shot. Please make this project a reality by contributing now! We've launched an Indiegogo campaign and have until June 21, 2014 to raise all the funds. If you are looking for community outreach ideas, the 100 Cameras Project is a worthy cause to endorse. Your support is crucial and so appreciated!

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