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June 5, 2015

207 The Velcro Brand 100 Cameras Exhibit kicked off the Oakland Parks and Recreation/ Studio One Arts Center very first Includusion Celebration.  The exhibit opening saw a packed house with an incredible turnout from the Oakland-San Francisco community. Our 100 Cameras photographers from the Oakland Tech High School Special Ed department were in attendance with their familites and Courtney flew out from NH to introduce the opening night events. The exhibit received rave reviews and it was a moving and special night for all those that were involved.  Courtney presented Shooting Beauty to conclude the evening.  Thank you to the staff at Studio One Arts, the Oakland Parks and Recreation staff, the Oakland Tech Special Ed Department, Creative Growth and a huge thank you to Julian Lucas, whose dedication and love for his students made this entire evening possible.

May 16, 2015

206 We kicked off our third workshop for the 100 Cameras Project in Collaboration with the Mid-Island JCC and the Compass Project in Plainview, NY.  It was a fun-filled two days with an incredible group of new photographers.  We lucked out with a beautiful day for our fieldtrip to the botanical gardens and had an incredible turnout for our slideshow presentation.  Thank you to the amazing staff at the Mid-Island JCC and the Compass Project for helping to make this all possible!  And a huge thank you to Anita Altman for her increbible vision and support.  Without her, this workshop would not have happened!


Courtney visited Greenwich High School and kicked off the school's Diversity Awareness Week with a presentation on Shooting Beauty and the 100 Cameras Project.  Courtney screened a portion of Shooting Beauty and discussed her work with people with disabilities and how her life has changed since the creation of the film.  Thanks so much to Garfield Charles, English teacher and Diversity Awareness Club Advisor, as well as Diane Chiappetta Fox, Director of Student Activities, for making this all possible!203


Courtney presented the 'behind the scenes' story of Shooting Beauty to an auditorium full of students and faculty at SUNY Geneseo.  Keep your eyes open for our next 100 Cameras workshop- spearheaded by Mary Coniglio, the Habilitation Manager for L.I.V.E.S. Program at SUNY Geneseo.  We look forward to seeing the photographs produced our next crew of photographers!


200 The first 100 Cameras exhibit in Springfield, MA saw a great turnout despite the 10˚ temperature!  Photographers Nancy Bazanchuk and Alselio Ayala were present to answer questions about their work and the event culminated with a screening of Shooting Beauty. 


199 Join us for the opening reception of the REELABILITIES Film Festival & VELCRO® Brand 100 Cameras Project Photography Exhibit.  This is the first exhibition of work created during the 100 Cameras workshop that took place this past Spring in conjunction with Baystate Health in Springfield, MA.  The exhibition is open to the public and will be on view the month of February at the Springfield Jewish Community Center.  Courtney will be present at the opening reception.  After the reception, there will be a screening of Shooting Beauty followed by a Q&A with Courtney.  Click HERE for more info. 


198 Oakland was the second workshop in our 100 Cameras tour.  It was an incredible and eye opening workshop for everyone involved.  The workshop consisted of 15 students in the special ed department at Oakland Technical High School, an inner city school in Oakland, CA.  The students seemed to transform with the cameras in their hands.  According to the staff, the students were animated in ways never seen before.  Keep your eyes open for the upcoming exhibit of the work created at our Oakland workshop!  And thank you to not only the amazing staff and aids at Oakland Tech, but to Creative Growth for making it all possible.  See Courtney's blog to read more about the workshop.

Oakland was the second workshop in our 100 Cameras tour.  It was an incredible and eye opening workshop for me.  I was working with 15 students in the special ed department at Oakland Technical High School, an inner city school in Oakland, CA.  The staff and I witnessed some amazing transformations throughout our 2 day workshop.  One student, according to the staff, spoke for the first time during our workshop and students that normally don't interact with other students were engaged with the whole class, animated in ways never seen before. - See more at:

195 Courtney and Tony were met with a standing ovation by 600 middle school students and teachers at the Trottier Middle School in Southborough, MA.  The questions that came pouring in from the students after the screening were incredibly thoughtful- with many that Courtney and Tony had never heard before!  This event would not have been possible without the persistence and dedication of Nancy McAndrew and principle extrodonaire, Keith Lavoie.


193 Because of the 100 Cameras Project, 10 people with disabilities now have their own custom modified cameras and access to a new creative voice...90 more to go!  We're not done please take a quick minute to help make the 100 Cameras Project possible.  Every dollar and every share makes a difference:-)  Check out our new Indiegogo site! 20 days left to go to raise money.  We need your help.  Thank you!!  Click HERE for more info.


We're excited to announce that the first 100 Cameras workshop took place this past weekend in Springfield, MA.  10 photographers set-up....90 to go!  It was awesome.   An amazing crew.  And for one of the photographers, Nicole, (second from left in front row of photo), it was the first time she had ever taken a picture.  She was never able to in the past given her disability.  Her mom burst into tears when she heard Nicole could keep the camera.  She said Nicole has never been so excited about something in her life.  Makes it all worth it.  190

So thank you SO much to everyone for your support and contribution to 100 Cameras!  It's already made a difference in a lot of people's lives.  But we can't stop with the fundraising if we want to project to continue!  We have 30 days to receive contributions through Indiegogo. Please forward the link to anyone and everyone!  Thank you!