Shooting Beauty is devoted to helping people with disabilities realize their full potential while building awareness around disability, diversity, and bullying. We have a number of programs in place designed to serve different groups, businesses, and organizations.

100 Cameras Project

Of the various programs for people with disabilities that we run, our 100 Camera Project makes up the core of our genuine efforts. This Project aims to recreate the inspiring workshop depicted in our award-winning documentary by acquiring a hundred cameras and distributing them to a hundred individuals with disabilities. Once the cameras have been procured and handed out, the participants are then provided with a photography workshop that not only teaches them how to use their cameras, but also empowers them with confidence and a new outlook on life.

You can support this project by contributing to our 100 Cameras fundraising campain by donating here. To learn more about the project, please visit our Indiegogo site.

Diversity Training and Workshops

Corporations, small businesses, schools, and other organizations can stand to benefit from our disability awareness training service. Through our disability awareness workshop, individuals can learn more about the most common disabilities in children, the difficulties of growing up with such incapacities, and how the disabled are no different from everyone else. Diversity training is a great way for companies and other similar organizations to be more accepting of employees with disabilities.

Girl Scout Patch Program

We also have a project in line with the Girls Scouts’ patch program. We have Shooting Beauty program kits that Girl Scout troops can purchase and use for themselves. Each kit contains a DVD of the documentary which can be used by the troop, a helpful patch program book that outlines possible community outreach ideas, an official poster of the documentary, and a set of eight Shooting Beauty patches that are compatible with the Girl Scouts’ patch program. The kits are intended to spread Shooting Beauty’s message of hope and inspiration, encouraging Girl Scouts to help the disabled in their community.

For more information about our programs and how you can help fund Shooting Beauty’s grants for people with disabilities, contact our director, Lorie Borges, by sending an email to