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200 The first 100 Cameras exhibit in Springfield, MA saw a great turnout despite the 10˚ temperature!  Photographers Nancy Bazanchuk and Alselio Ayala were present to answer questions about their work and the event culminated with a screening of Shooting Beauty. 


193 Because of the 100 Cameras Project, 10 people with disabilities now have their own custom modified cameras and access to a new creative voice...90 more to go!  We're not done please take a quick minute to help make the 100 Cameras Project possible.  Every dollar and every share makes a difference:-)  Check out our new Indiegogo site! 20 days left to go to raise money.  We need your help.  Thank you!!  Click HERE for more info.

May 14, 2014

187 Courtney was invited to present her work at IDEO, an international award-winning global design firm, as part of the companies weekly 'Tea Time' talks.  She presented the story behind Shooting Beauty and introduced the 100 Cameras Project to a room full of designers and innovators.  Thanks to Kristine Jelstrup (check out the amazing work of Kristine here!)  and Niki Howard for making this all possible!


184 The Shooting Beauty Team's newest undertaking, The 100 Cameras Project, was recently featured in the blog by Skip Cohen.  Skip is the President of Skip Cohen University, founder of Marketing Essentials International and past president of Rangefinder Publishing, WPPI and Hasselblad USA.  He has co-authored six books on photography and actively supports dozens of projects each year involving photographic education.  Thanks so much to Skip for his support of the 100 Cameras Project! Read what Skip has to say here...



Courtney and the Shooting Beauty programs featured on, a site that profiles artists that strive to celebrate the diverse perspectives of the world. was created by Michael Levinthal, educator and co-founder of, to engage the public to reconsider Neurodiversity through the inspiration of art.  Check out Courtney along with the other featured artists at


178 After a screening of Shooting Beauty and a visit from Tony Knight and Courtney, students at St. Sebastian's were inspired to raise money for a special gift for Tony.  In less than a month, the students and staff raised over $1300 to go towards the purchase of Tony's first digital camera and the Shooting Beauty team's new endeavor, the 100 Cameras Project (official launch late March).  Tony had no idea he would be receiving the camera which made the whole day that much more amazing for everyone.  To see the video and pictures of Tony receiving his camera, click here.  Thank you to the generous and warm students and staff at St. Sebastian's for all you've given back to Shooting Beauty!


Courtney is recognized for the year 2013 by MAB Community Services for her work in bringing photography to individuals with disabilities in the MAB community.  She was presented with her award by one of her photography students from the Ivy Street School.177


161 Shooting Beauty was launched as an official 'ACT' to all U.S. chapters of Best Buddies International 171 and has already become one of it's "most engaging acts because of it's ability to bring understanding, awareness and acceptance to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities."  In becoming an official ACT, Best Buddies encourages it's chapters to use Shooting Beauty as a tool to further their mission.169
      "Shooting Beauty is a must see for everyone. This film leads the audience on a journey that begins with viewing people in wheelchairs to seeing photographers who laugh and cry with friends, live independently, fall in and out of love while perfecting their passion for showing their world through the lens of a camera."
~ Anthony Shriver, Founder and Chairman, Best Buddies International


149 Tony and Courtney spent the morning at St.Sebastian's School as part of the school's Unity Day celebration.154 They received a standing ovation from the 400+ students and staff after the Shooting Beauty screening and Q&A. Courtney's live intro to the film was televised throughout the classrooms (a first for us!). Thanks to the incredible staff and student leaders at St. Sebastian's for making our event such a success!158 159


148 Courtney travelled to Langhorne, Pennsylvania to conduct a two day workshop with a whole new crew of photographers at Woods, an amazing organization that supports and services more than 1,100 people with special needs and challenges. Congratulations to all the new Shooting Beauty photographers!145