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SB Launches Girl Scouts Patch Program in FL, CA & MA

139 Shooting Beauty received a generous grant from the Fledgling Fund to support three, day long launch events for the Shooting Beauty Girl Scouts Patch Program.  The overarching goal of the patch program is to use the film, Shooting Beauty, and the Shooting Beauty Patch Program book which was co-created by Courtney Bent, Bethany Stark and Andrea LaVant, Inclusion Specialist for the Girl Scouts Council of the Nation’s Capital, to empower girls to embrace their individuality 140 which we believe is an essential component for becoming stronger leaders as well stronger advocates for a more inclusive society.  The day long events included a screening of Shooting Beauty, activities that challanged girls' concepts of beauty as well as booths from local orgainzations that serve individuals with disabilities.  To date over 1,000 Girl Scouts have earned their Shooting Beauty Patch and we can't wait to see how many more do!!